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The desire to create a website dedicated to the advancing materials, technologies and designs affecting the residential shelter industry has been preceded by months and months of industry research, dialogues with industry professionals and exhaustive design and editorial preparation. It has also seen the formation of the Spherical Designs Organization.
Spherical Designs Organization is designed to serve as a resource for the innovative shelter industry. Devoted entirely to you and your professional interests, we've packed the websites with inspiring ideas and practical solutions, beautiful graphics and informative stories. Page after page explores new technologies, materials and processes, examines the associated costs and informs you how to use them in your own projects. Likewise, we've also designed the websites with an editorial and graphic style that appeals to the savvy, modern homeowner. So whether you're an industry professional or a homeowner desiring an "insider" look at smart technologies and design, Spherical Designs Organization exists to inspire you in the creation of today's "modern shelter."
We draw our inspiration from a variety of sources, most notably from those of you who are working to advance the residential shelter industry. Our editorial content is directed by an advisory board of selected architects, designers, builders, manufacturers and related professionals, all who keep a watchful, knowing eye on the advancing technologies and designs shaping the future.
The website also serves as the voice for the international Spherical Designs Organization, dedicated to creating today's "modern structures" by bringing together the leading inventive experts to advance and effect change within the architecture, design and building industry. The Spherical Designs Organization aims to educate, create transformative policy, forge innovation and provide resources for the industry through a variety of companies, including, Steel Structures, Geodesic Structures, Electric Vehicles, Design Engineers, Prefab Structures, Fiberglass Designs and Building Services. Members include professional organizations and individuals comprised of architects, designers, builders and vendors who share the common aim of effecting change with-in their industry. For more information on the Spherical Design Organization or to become a member, please visit ; info@sphericalstructures.com
That being said, we hope this is the start of an exciting journey, and we hope you'll join us.
Please do let us know what you think, with your feedback and your professional knowledge.
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